Celebrating Wicca!


Don't fear the Pentacle!

Hollywood, shamefully enough, uses the Pentacle in movies and television to represent Satanism and evil magic. In actuality, the Pentacle is a symbol of protection that represents the four elements and spirit.


What's the deal with the knife?

An athame is never used to cut flesh or draw blood. It is not a sacrificial knife at all. It is a spirit blade that draws magical intent to a single point. It is used to define the worship area (since most Wiccan services are held outdoors). An athame that has drawn blood must be destroyed.


Wiccan Religious Tools

Like most religions, Wicca employs an assortment of religious tools for use in worship services and magical workings. Many of the Wiccan tools have elemental associations as well as masculine/feminine connotations.

- Athame: This is a small knife. It is used to define the perimeter of the sacred circle. It has Air/Masculine properties.

- Chalice: This is a decorative goblet. It has Water/Feminine properties

- Wand: It is a rod made from wood, stone, or metal. It is used to direct magical intent. It has Fire/Masculine properties.

- Pentacle: This five-pointed star can be made of wood, stone, or metal. It has Earth/Feminine properties.

- Broom: Oddly enough, it is used to sweep the floor of the area used for sacred space.

- Candles: A typical Wiccan service employs six candles of the following colors: yellow (east/air), red (south/fire), blue (west/water), green (north/earth), gold (god), silver (goddess). Some practitioners add a seventh candle (black/ancestors).